Breast Procedure – Glamskin

Breast Procedure – Glamskin

Breast health and aesthetics are fundamental to most women’s sense of self and expression. That’s why breast procedures can be a helpful asset in a woman’s regimen of aesthetic self-care to boost her sense of confidence and wellbeing. Breast procedures may involve altering the shape and volume of breasts for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

Our product is a non-enveloped product that is designed for reshaping contouring procedures, smoothing wrinkles and body contouring with a long-term aesthetic effect.

It is a volumising product that made in compliance with the latest achievements of modern aesthetic medicine. Our superior solution gives patients the opportunity to get a perfect look without surgery or long recovery times. It provides customers with the highest quality products, giving priority to the patient’s interests and safety.

Our product was developed using the latest technology, providing unprecedented purity and efficiency. Pure and safe raw materials together with a unique production technology make a universal volumising product suitable for everyone.

Safety:- Our product is CE certified, meets ISO standards and the requirements of the EU Directive 93/42/EC. All manufacturing procedures are carried out in clean rooms. Each batch receives a quality control certificate from three independent laboratories.

Long lasting:- A special intelligent technology makes it possible with an optimum texture. Its properties allow the material to adapt to the selected anatomical structure, but at the same time allow the desired form to be retained for a long time.

Indication of ideal candidate:-

  • Increase fullness & projection of breasts
  • Improve balance of breast & hip contours
  • Improve sagging breasts to look fuller and lifted
  • Enhance self image & self confidence.

If you’re considering a breast procedure, talk to our experienced medical doctor to understand the pre, during & post procedure.

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